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Lost Continent is a free MMORPG available for crossover between Desktop,Mobile & Web. With hundreds of quests, challenging dungeons, and an ever-expanding world of magic and mystery, this is a world you can explore for years. This video will give you all the information you need to get started.

the world need heroes

Join the adventure of a lifetime in this new MMORPG! Discover the Lost Continent, a world filled with both danger and discovery. Become a Hero of the Continent and save your people from the threats that jeopardize their very existence.

The great prophecy

The heavens shall open again the stars will lose their way, and fear decends upon the earth a saint awakens and destroys the seal of chains. Ravenous teeth shall rape the land the land! tis cruel. Crimson blood stains the ground under the sun the 8 jewels of legend and lore shall appear and satan will have arisen. Heed these words ye wise man! a day shall come upon which the soil shall 8 stars be affixed, nightmare's day shall it be called when heaven's rays divide the sky and echoing wails ring in the valley of death, and a light will come down upon this land from the world once forgotten

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